Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Stars fly every month

In Feng Shui, there are annual flying stars that affect each and every one of us for the year. There are also flying stars that affect us in monthly cycles.  In fact these monthly flying stars are even more powerful than the annual stars because it is the positive or negative energies that will affect us over a period of 30 days only. On the other hand, the annual flying stars get weaker where the energies diminish as it gets closer to year’s end Therefore, we should also be aware of the monthly stars that beset our directions.
For example, if your house’ main entrance is facing south, it has a fantastic luck for 2012 because it is ruled by the flying star 1(the winning number)! This south facing house will have winning streaks and wealth luck. However, this month (April 5 to May 5) is beset with the flying star 7 (robbery, violence and loss), a very negative star. This house and or the residents of this house may suffer from negative occurrences like burglary, violence (accidents or other physical injury) or loss that may manifest in several ways where the residents of this house may spend unnecessarily; or inevitably spend money because appliances start breaking down, or the car broke down,  or a resident gets afflicted with something which will necessitate him or her to spend for doctors or medicines (and even hospitalization). These are just examples or situations when the number 7 manifests in your household.  To prevent this, or to minimize the negativity brought about by this monthly flying star, one should place a pair of blue rhino or a blue rhino with elephant (trunk up) by the front door facing south.
Another example is when an unlucky annual flying star like the number 5 (total loss star) flies to the southeast. The southeast facing house will have to put the cure of the 5 element pagoda to subdue this bad star. Next month (May 5 to June 5) the monthly flying star 1 (winning number) flies to the southeast giving good and excellent luck to the house and its residents. So the residents should take advantage of these good energies that will be in their direction next month.