Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Stars fly every month

In Feng Shui, there are annual flying stars that affect each and every one of us for the year. There are also flying stars that affect us in monthly cycles.  In fact these monthly flying stars are even more powerful than the annual stars because it is the positive or negative energies that will affect us over a period of 30 days only. On the other hand, the annual flying stars get weaker where the energies diminish as it gets closer to year’s end Therefore, we should also be aware of the monthly stars that beset our directions.
For example, if your house’ main entrance is facing south, it has a fantastic luck for 2012 because it is ruled by the flying star 1(the winning number)! This south facing house will have winning streaks and wealth luck. However, this month (April 5 to May 5) is beset with the flying star 7 (robbery, violence and loss), a very negative star. This house and or the residents of this house may suffer from negative occurrences like burglary, violence (accidents or other physical injury) or loss that may manifest in several ways where the residents of this house may spend unnecessarily; or inevitably spend money because appliances start breaking down, or the car broke down,  or a resident gets afflicted with something which will necessitate him or her to spend for doctors or medicines (and even hospitalization). These are just examples or situations when the number 7 manifests in your household.  To prevent this, or to minimize the negativity brought about by this monthly flying star, one should place a pair of blue rhino or a blue rhino with elephant (trunk up) by the front door facing south.
Another example is when an unlucky annual flying star like the number 5 (total loss star) flies to the southeast. The southeast facing house will have to put the cure of the 5 element pagoda to subdue this bad star. Next month (May 5 to June 5) the monthly flying star 1 (winning number) flies to the southeast giving good and excellent luck to the house and its residents. So the residents should take advantage of these good energies that will be in their direction next month.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Calling Out for Love!

All of us aspire for a happy life… and a good Love life!

It is never too late to look and aspire for this. There are no rules or limit to this aspect of your
life. And for one to activate this aspiration… you can do this Fengshui practice to call out for
your love!

Bejeweled Red Horse
If you are a Rooster, Snake and Ox you can put a beautiful bejeweled Red Horse in the South of your bedroom. If this is not possible, you can put it in the South corner or wall of your living room.

If you are a Dragon, Rat and Monkey you can put a beautiful Golden Rooster in the West of your room or the West corner or wall of your living area.

Golden Rooster
If you are a Rabbit, Pig and Sheep you can put a beautiful blue bejeweled Rat in the North
corner of your room or North corner or wall of your living room.

If you are a Horse, Dog and Tiger you can put beautiful Green Rabbit in the East of your room or East corner or wall of the living room.

These powerful activators work for real and over time. Give it a try!

Renovation Taboos in 2012

Everyone is warned on renovation rules in 2012.

You cannot renovate, cut, knock or dig in the SOUTH and SOUTHEAST areas or direction of  the house because these directions are afflicted with the THREE KILLINGS in the South (135 degrees to 225 degrees) and the GRAND DUKE JUPITER and the FIVE YELLOW in the Southeast. If renovation is inevitable…construction work should not start and end with the above mentioned afflicted areas.

If you do not heed this Fengshui advice in the South, you might run the risk of loss of relationships, loss of reputation and worst… financial loss. To lessen the impact of this affliction you can put the Chi Lin, Pi Yao and Fu Dog (3 Celestial Guardians). The animal sign that is directly hit by this is the Horse and indirectly the Rat.

5 Element Pagoda
5 Element Pagoda

Likewise, when you do construction work in the Southeast you might suffer    from total loss meaning loss of health and wealth or severe misfortune especially to the young women of the family. You can subdue this affliction by placing a 5 Element Pagoda in the Southeast (112.5 degrees to 157.5 degrees). In terms of family members, the eldest daughters are directly hit.

Tai Sui amulet

Additionally, the Grand Duke Jupiter (God of the Year or Tai Sui) is also in the Southeast (112.5 degrees to 127.5 degrees) this year and so as not to offend him everyone is advised not to cut, dig or make noise in the Southeast. Aside from renovation taboo, no one should face the Southeast so as not to offend him. To pay respect to the Tai Sui, you should place a Pair of Pi Yao with sword. The animal signs hit by this bad stars are the Dragon, Dog, Sheep and Ox and are advised to carry the Tai Sui amulet for protection

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Rising of the Blue Water Dragon

The Rising of the Blue Water Dragon
Place and submerge a Blue Water Dragon in your water pond, aquarium or water fountain to attract the prosperity and good fortune of the year of the Dragon.
The Blue Water Dragon is also good to be displayed in the southeast of your home.

The Nine Rings Dragon Sword

The Nine Rings Dragon Sword
This powerful symbol is ideal to put or display in the Northeast or the Southwest areas of your home or office. It is believed to cut through all the obstacles in the work place or office. It also presses down the Quarrelsome Star of the year that may afflict the Ox, Tiger, Monkey and Sheep.  It also brings excellent success luck and reinforces completion and magnification of good energies.  

Victory Horse

Be a Winner this year!
The South is occupied this year by the Victory Star and is the predominant direction of the Horse. Therefore, the Horse is very lucky this year.
To get the same lucky winning streak that the Horses have, everyone is encouraged to put a Victory Horse in the South. One Victory Horse is good, but putting 3 Victory Horses is a powerful force. The Victory Horse should be positioned in the south of the living room facing  the northeast for the completion of the aspiration.
Another symbol to have to reinforce winning is the Victory Banner. Put this also in the south beside the Victory Horses.
Additionally, the Dragons and the Horses are blessed with speculative luck this year. So, to all the Dragons and Horses… get the Lock Coin Amulet and carry this with you at all times and hold on to it when playing the lotto or gambling in the casino to attract the windfall luck!

The Wish Granting Tree with Mongoose

The Wish Granting Tree with Mongoose
This tree is an effective enhancer for 2012 especially for the Roosters. This tree will capture the good energies in terms of fulfilling aspirations and wishes for the year… if you have this tree in the east corner or wall of your living room it will definitely bring the good energies to allow your wishes to be fulfilled.
There are 6 birds on the tree with a mongoose at the base. The birds symbolize the dreams and aspirations and the mongoose is the bringer of wealth luck. The Wish Granting Tree is a wood element auspicious symbol… this year the element of the year is water. The water element to the wood element is a productive cycle thus manifesting the growth potential that is in the year.
Also, the Wish Granting Tree is available in pendants and keychain amulets. The Horses are encouraged to have this enhancer this year and for them to wear this in their throat chakra. When the Horses wear this powerful symbol, their wishes and aspirations… their goals and dreams are going to manifest for them.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Protect the Matriarchs and Patriarchs!

Protect the Matriarchs and Patriarchs!

In 2012, the mothers' and fathers' directions are afflicted. These are the Southwest and the Northwest respectively. Protecting the Southwest will ensure and nurture the inner chi and strength of  mothers while removing aggravations and unhappiness. On the same note, when we protect the fathers' direction which is the Northwest, we are removing or lessening the chance of physical harm, violence and loss of authority.

How do you protect them?

Red Crystal Ball
For the mothers, put fire energy in the Southwest like lights, candles, or any distinct red objects or decors like a red crystal ball. If the kitchen is located on the southwest of the home, this is most ideal for the matriarch. Remove any water feature and plants on the southwest. 

Kwan Kung figurine

To protect the father (or patriarch) display a Kwan Kung (a fierce-looking Chinese General figure or image) and a water feature (fountain or fish tank) with a blue rhino and blue elephant on the northwest. Please take note that the blue rhino and elephant should be submerged in moving water. Do not put metal wind chimes and crystals in the Northwest. Additionally, fathers are encouraged to bring / carry with them a Blue rhino with Mantra amulet/keychain at all times.

Blue Rhino with Mantra Keychain

The Infidelity Star Rules in 2012

The Infidelity Star Rules in 2012

The Star of  External Flower of Romance or the Star of Infidelity in 2012 is dominant and floating everywhere. And it is quite strong. So everyone is cautioned to take care of their relationships... marital relationships, romantic relationships and or friendships that may be compromised this year. Thus, there will be a lot of  extra marital affairs, flirtatious tendencies, betrayals and playing around. This star is very aggressive and most, if not all, will be directly or indirectly hit. Those who will be directly hit are the dogs and the snake. Those who are indirectly hit are the sheep, monkey, ox, and the pig. 

Flower of Romance Amulet

What do you do now?  If you are one of the above that will be directly hit by this negative star, first - you have to take care of your partner and nurture your relationship. Don't do anything that will drive your partners away. And more importantly, get that much needed protection. You and your partner should get the Flower of Romance amulet or the anti-3rd party amulet. These amulets should be carried with you all the time.

And please bear this in mind... if this affliction or problem happens to you it is not the fault of your partner because this negative star is present in your sign. 

So get these amulets fast and avoid aggravations in the future!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ultimate enhancer of the year 2012

    Put 9 Blue Water Dragons (or any representation thereof) in the east of your living or dining area to reinforce the strong financial luck of the year of the Water Blue Dragon!

How to determine your good direction in 2012?

  1. First, you have to know if you are an east or west person.
  2. To help you determine whether you are an east or west person, you have to find out your KUA number.
  3. To find out your KUA number, add the last 2 digits of your birth year and add them up to single digit. If you are a male, you have to deduct 10 from the sum digit and if you are a female, you have to add 5 to the sum digit. When the sum is 5, the male's Kua number is 2 and if you are a female the Kua number is 8. 
  4. When your Kua number is 1, 3 4, 9 ... you are an east person.
  5. When your Kua number is 2, 6, 7, 8 ... you are a west person.

In 2012, East persons  should ideally face only the east and south and if you are a west person you should face only the northeast and west.

Taboo Direction in 2012



In 2012, the Southeast is ruled by the 5 star or the Wu Wang. The 5 deadly yellow or TOTAL LOSS is the worst star of the year and when ignored this may bring negative energies or havoc in your home, work/career and /or personal life. You should leave this section of your house as quiet as possible... no digging, no knocking, no renovation.  

Lucky and Unlucky Directions in 2012

Lucky Directions:

  • East – love
  • West – wealth and success
  • South – victory
  • Northeast – magnification / completion

Unlucky Directions: 

  • Southeast (worst direction for the year) 
  • North – illness
  • Northwest – robbery/ violence/ loss
  • Southwest – quarrelsome
The lucky and unlucky directions are used as guide to everyone to maximize the luck and capture the good energies of a specific direction. It is always encouraged to face only the good directions throughout the year  and avoid the bad or unlucky directions as much as they can.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Year of the Water Dragon 2012

DISCLAIMER:  Articles in this blog are all indicative of general trends.  Some factors have to be considered like your self-element, meaning the kind of energies that rule your entirety; and the actual and precise reading will depend on the date and hour of birth.  The articles hereafter are general indications only and may vary depending on the aforementioned factors.

2012 Year of the Water Dragon - A Transformative Year!  Turnaround Luck!

  • Definitely a better and improved year (with a lap chun) ahead of us …  
  • Excellent growth energies abound the year… with a turnaround thus…
  • Caution and vigilance by the end of the year!

  • Conflicting element energies will afflict the year…
  • Businesses are very competitive and demanding.
  • Political and economic turnarounds happen by year end.
  • Earth related disasters continue.
  • The best times in the first and second quarters but energies decline towards by the fourth quarter.
  • Violence and armed conflicts reduced in by April but worsens towards the end of the year…
  • International conflicts and animosities rise in the 4th quarter…
  • Lack of common sense and intelligence in international political arena (missing fire element)
  • Significant/ major changes in leadership will lead to new alliances and new policies.
  • New trade and business ties will be forged this year.


Plantation, Agriculture, Publishing, Flowers, Plants, Medical etc.
  • Looking great! Most auspicious.
  • Definite growth luck and rise in profits 
  • Be brave! May take risks and expand
  • But there are obstacles by year end
Property, Real Estate, Building / Construction, Hotels etc.
  • Excellent year!
  • Good year to invest in new property
  • Be careful around October onwards
  • No new undertaking by year end
Banking, Shipping, Transport, Alcohol, Fishing etc.
  • Average year for this industry
  • Extra caution this year
  • No risks taking
  • Best to take a short term plans
Mining, Jewellery, White Goods, Computers, Airlines etc.
  • Indicators average
  • Metal based businesses slow down
  • Difficult to expand and increase profits
  • Be ready for a rough ride this year
Stock Market, Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Lighting, Telecoms etc.
  • Competitive and demanding
  • Stock market looks good in Spring and Summer
  • Caution on investments around the end of the 3rd quarter


Business and Wealth
  • Need good strategies and proper planning
  • Technological advances in communications
  • Banking and Financial sectors will recover
  • Good year for real estate and property
  • Need cures to subdue fierce competition
  • Wealth Luck is good
  • External Flower of Romance rules!
  • Marriages come under emotional strain
  • Dog – born could suffer marital affairs
  • Sex scandals and love affairs cause problems
  • Excellent year to have a baby
  • Matriarch needs strengthening
  • Health concerns on the rise this year
  • Injuries associated with the waist and ears
  • Kidney and urinary problems indicated
  • Elderly male member of the families, husbands and sons need protection from physical harm
  • Change jobs / careers only up to first quarter of the year
  • Lack of power – old leaders face challenges
  • Lack of creativity at work; put fire energy into your workplace for strategic solutions 
  • Competition is stiff but promotions are possible. Use protection from politicking
  • Authorities will be aggravated

  • Difficult year to stay focused
  • Lacking in opportunities for knowledge seekers
  • Creativity chi is missing
  • Mentors should be sought
Stock Markets
  • Stability and growth improve in the first half of the year
  • Wood – based industries thrive!
  • But wood slows down by year end
  • Remove invest by October
Lucky Colors
  • RED or variation of fire color – to keep the balance in any space you are in
  • GREEN – productive cycle; growth protential
  • Blue or Black – to be in the element of the year