Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Infidelity Star Rules in 2012

The Infidelity Star Rules in 2012

The Star of  External Flower of Romance or the Star of Infidelity in 2012 is dominant and floating everywhere. And it is quite strong. So everyone is cautioned to take care of their relationships... marital relationships, romantic relationships and or friendships that may be compromised this year. Thus, there will be a lot of  extra marital affairs, flirtatious tendencies, betrayals and playing around. This star is very aggressive and most, if not all, will be directly or indirectly hit. Those who will be directly hit are the dogs and the snake. Those who are indirectly hit are the sheep, monkey, ox, and the pig. 

Flower of Romance Amulet

What do you do now?  If you are one of the above that will be directly hit by this negative star, first - you have to take care of your partner and nurture your relationship. Don't do anything that will drive your partners away. And more importantly, get that much needed protection. You and your partner should get the Flower of Romance amulet or the anti-3rd party amulet. These amulets should be carried with you all the time.

And please bear this in mind... if this affliction or problem happens to you it is not the fault of your partner because this negative star is present in your sign. 

So get these amulets fast and avoid aggravations in the future!

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