Monday, April 9, 2012

Calling Out for Love!

All of us aspire for a happy life… and a good Love life!

It is never too late to look and aspire for this. There are no rules or limit to this aspect of your
life. And for one to activate this aspiration… you can do this Fengshui practice to call out for
your love!

Bejeweled Red Horse
If you are a Rooster, Snake and Ox you can put a beautiful bejeweled Red Horse in the South of your bedroom. If this is not possible, you can put it in the South corner or wall of your living room.

If you are a Dragon, Rat and Monkey you can put a beautiful Golden Rooster in the West of your room or the West corner or wall of your living area.

Golden Rooster
If you are a Rabbit, Pig and Sheep you can put a beautiful blue bejeweled Rat in the North
corner of your room or North corner or wall of your living room.

If you are a Horse, Dog and Tiger you can put beautiful Green Rabbit in the East of your room or East corner or wall of the living room.

These powerful activators work for real and over time. Give it a try!

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