Thursday, March 15, 2012

Victory Horse

Be a Winner this year!
The South is occupied this year by the Victory Star and is the predominant direction of the Horse. Therefore, the Horse is very lucky this year.
To get the same lucky winning streak that the Horses have, everyone is encouraged to put a Victory Horse in the South. One Victory Horse is good, but putting 3 Victory Horses is a powerful force. The Victory Horse should be positioned in the south of the living room facing  the northeast for the completion of the aspiration.
Another symbol to have to reinforce winning is the Victory Banner. Put this also in the south beside the Victory Horses.
Additionally, the Dragons and the Horses are blessed with speculative luck this year. So, to all the Dragons and Horses… get the Lock Coin Amulet and carry this with you at all times and hold on to it when playing the lotto or gambling in the casino to attract the windfall luck!

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