Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Wish Granting Tree with Mongoose

The Wish Granting Tree with Mongoose
This tree is an effective enhancer for 2012 especially for the Roosters. This tree will capture the good energies in terms of fulfilling aspirations and wishes for the year… if you have this tree in the east corner or wall of your living room it will definitely bring the good energies to allow your wishes to be fulfilled.
There are 6 birds on the tree with a mongoose at the base. The birds symbolize the dreams and aspirations and the mongoose is the bringer of wealth luck. The Wish Granting Tree is a wood element auspicious symbol… this year the element of the year is water. The water element to the wood element is a productive cycle thus manifesting the growth potential that is in the year.
Also, the Wish Granting Tree is available in pendants and keychain amulets. The Horses are encouraged to have this enhancer this year and for them to wear this in their throat chakra. When the Horses wear this powerful symbol, their wishes and aspirations… their goals and dreams are going to manifest for them.

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